Kaeding/Pollak/Schmidt (Eds.): Climate Change and the Future of Europe

Gerne weisen wir hin auf die Neuerscheinung

Michael Kaeding, Johannes Pollak, Paul Schmidt (Eds.)
Climate Change and the Future of Europe
Views from the Capitals
(Springer, 2023)

Eliza Vaș, Mihai Sebe
Romania’s Fight Against Climate Change. Contributing to Ambitious European Targets While Facing Deep-Rooted Sectoral Flaws
(95–98 pp.)

The path towards climate neutrality was institutionalised for EU Member States with the adoption of the European Green Deal. The subsequent pieces of legislation create(d) the legally binding framework for each Member State to achieve the EU’s intermediary (2030) and final (2050) targets. Through the 2021–2030 Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan and following the European Commission’s recommendations, Romania has committed to the following national objectives by 2030: reduce the Emissions Trading System emissions (−43.9% compared to 2005); reduce non-Emissions Trading System emissions (−2% compared to 2005); increase the share of renewable energy in gross final energy consumption (30.7%); ensure energy efficiency, by achieving energy savings of 45.1% in primary consumption compared to 2007.

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